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Keep AI Safe For Education.

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AI shouldn’t be Trusted with Education Decision.
your should have full control.

Modern artificial Intelligence (AI), or more specifically large language models (LLM), is trained on huge body of language data directly taken from the internet. This inevitably means that some problematic concepts, ideas and ideologies are included in these body of text. Because of this, if left unchecked, the AI can inadvertently express or promote these problematic ideas.Huge progress is being made every day to make AI more ethical and safe. However, it is still not perfect and there are still many pitfalls that can be encountered. These pitfalls can be especially dangerous in the context of education, where the AI is interacting with young and impressionable minds.Despite these difficulties, keeping AI safe is possible, and very much necessary. AI is a powerful tool that can assist educator in many fundamentally game changing ways. It can personalize learning experience for each of your student, accomodate each of their unique preference, challenges and learning style. All the while removing the heavy burden of grading and administrative work often placed on educator.The best way to navigate to keep AI safe is to let human have the final say. We do not believe providing student with unstructured, unfiltered access to AI is the right approach. Instead, we are building a platform where the educator is in full control of what the AI say, and what opinions it express. We are committed to always keep the educator in charge; to keep human in the loop.Read our Privacy Policy